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With this resource we aim:


A. Encourage research lines that:

1. Defend that the main objective of Social Sciences is to improve the living standards of population.


2. Believe that economic growth is just one of the tools available to society to achieve that objective, despite its variable efficacy over time.


3. Focus on the biological and material conditions of life, and acknowledge its multidimensionality, that is, the economic, institutional, scientific and environmental circumstances, that have conditioned its evolution.


B. Promote the elaboration of:


New indicators that account for the evolution of living standards of the population , and new tools to assess the improvement or deterioration over time and space, based on the following methodologies: Land-time Budget Analysis, Multi-scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism and Multi-criteria Analysis.


C. Provide researchers with access to:


Information as well as promoting their participation in the development of this resource.

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